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Porcelain dinner plates, handmade, Caltagirone lemons

Porcelain dinner plates, handmade, Caltagirone lemons

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Plates made of underglaze porcelain, design Enzo De Gasperi. The plates with LEMONS, dinner plates and dessert/fruit plates are inspired by Mediterranean culture, its typical colors and decorations and are made completely freehand by master craftsmen who transform a plate into a true work of art: each dish is in fact unique because it is the result of an artisanal process that makes it different from another.

True masterpieces of craftsmanship 100% made in Italy. The presence of small irregularities or slight differences in diameter and shape are to be considered a sign of uniqueness, attributable to the completely artisanal creation process of the object.

Material: Porcelain The plates can be purchased individually so you can decide how to combine them

Available in formats: 31 cm tops, 26 cm tops. Hand washing is recommended

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